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Kyla B.

03/17/2018 | GA

"Huge shout out to Tiffany Dawson! She did an AMAZING job with our wedding photos, we enjoyed working with her through Classic!"

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Hi there, I am Tiffany! Congratulations on finding that special person you are going to spend the rest of your life with. I found mine too! So not only as a photographer, but also as a former bride, I know how important it is to have these memories documented. I love freezing those special moments between you and your significant other: the gentle kiss on the forehead, the admiring looks exchanged, the tender embraces. I love capturing all the things you love about each other!

Here is a little bit more about me: My mom was also a professional photographer. We had a studio in our basement of the house I grew up in. So photography is in my blood! I also am a horse lover and have been a competitive equestrian since the wee age of six.
I love exploring and traveling the world. I have a long bucket list of places I'd like to see.
I am a Nerd at heart. In my Skyrim life I am a dragon born wood elf with a big orcish ax.
I am a Game of Throne's and Grey's Anatomy junkie. Not quite the mother of dragons, but have I do have lots of fur babies. I am patiently awaiting a dc/marvel universe movie matchup: Tony Stark meets Bruce Wayne. ​Chai latte's are my drink of choice!

Thank you for checking out my profile & reading my story, and I look forward to connecting with you!