Rob T


Rob aka DJ Jazznosis is not the typical spin doctor behind the decks. A “collector first, DJ second” born and raised in Chicago, IL, Rob has been on the decks for over 20 years performing at many different club and mobile events including weddings throughout the Midwest, whether solo or with a band.

He’s also a remixer and occasional producer who not only a former member of a couple of local bands, but has accompanied many performing artists including an opening DJ set for Wu-Tang Clan’s GZA and a one time performance with DC Talk’s Kevin Max.

With an extremely large and diverse library of CDs and vinyl, Rob develops an eclectic style and sound in his sets that ventures well beyond the top 40 bubble. Especially for weddings, which for him the key is the ability to set the mood. From dinner time to party time, it’s important to create the right setting and build as the night goes by while attempting to create a soundtrack for their lives they will remember.

His approach is down to earth and nontraditional as an MC and a DJ some wedding crowds are simply not used to. But because of his interaction with clients who are tired of the cliché, corny antics involved in an average reception, Rob has a strong appeal with clients who want to plan different from the rest.

During his personal time, Rob is quite a hunter and collector of LPs and CDs as well as AV/DJ gear and musical instruments. He loves to eat (burgers and seafood are among his favorite), watch movies, attend social gatherings, road trips, see a good band and expand in culture.