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Jessica H.

03/30/2018 | TX

"My personal experience was great so far. I paid my amount in full and still somehow had a 50 cent balance. I emailed them and they quickly corrected it. (A glitch I believe.) A week after choosing my photographer, Austin, he got in touch with me to introduce himself and to see if I had any questions etc. He contacted me again a few months later, just to check in, and again about a month before the wedding. I was not nervous at all with my selection due to all of the communications. Wedding day comes and he is there with another shooter on time. They quickly begin capturing the moments and we got all of our pictures out the way, minus the couple pics. They ran through some areas to stop at to get good pics during the ceremony. After the first dance, we took sunset portraits in various locations. The reception ended an hour early (we had our venue for a full day so we ran out of steam) and my family wanted to help clean up so we could all leave instead of them leaving and my wedding party helping to clean and pack up. Austin and his assistant helped us pack up items. I told them they didn’t have to and insisted on helping. I had another hour or so of his time left as well and I was very pleased that he wanted me to get my moneys worth! Three weeks later I get a sneak peek video and the next day I get all of my pictures from classic. I’m not sure who edited them but I think they came out great. They did quite a few pics in black and white and those didn’t look as great but they also included the color version, which was nice. Classic has also been informing me of sales to get my pictures. I have not tried to order any yet but again, I am very pleased and the few people I have showed are very pleased with the outcome as well."

Rachel K.

04/20/2018 | TX

"Austin was so awesome, very interactive with the whole wedding. I would recommend him for any event. He was very professional and Rounded in what he was doing. Thanks a million"

Tony V.

05/01/2018 |

"Austin did a awesome job, we appreciate the beautiful work from you guys"

Elizabeth G.

04/15/2018 | 04/15/2018 | TX

"Austin did a fabulous job at our wedding! Highly recommend him and the company!"

Monica M.

05/09/2018 | 4/28/18 | TX

"I cannot say enough good things about our photographer, Austin, and his wife. They not only took stunning pictures, but they made the whole experience fun. They also were a huge help in the day of process and even helped my husband and I by making sure we had food and making sure we had time to ourselves to step back and enjoy the day. If I could do it over again I would use this company and Austin in a heartbeat."

Kristyna T.

05/13/2018 | 5/5/18 | TX

"Our photographers were amazing. Even helped sort out some of the wedding drama before the ceremony. Austin and Christal you were amazing!"

Tamisha C.

05/20/2018 | TX

"Had the best experience with Classic Photographers so glad I used them for my wedding and engagement pictures. The pictures turned out Beautiful all my guest plus spouse and I could not be happier with Austin Stuart our photographer, very friendly and helpful making our wedding as smooth and joyful as possible!"

Tess S.

07/14/2018 | TX

"Working with Classic Photographers was so smooth & easy! Whenever I had any questions, it was very quick and easy to get a response from someone as well. I got a great deal on the 8hr photography package with second shooter. I chose Austin Stuart Photography and I could NOT be happier with him! He was so personable, funny, and engaging with me, my family, and our guests. He had a great flow & plan for the day and was able to get through all the typical posed photos quickly but without rushing. He seemed to have a great understanding that, yes, these pictures are super important but there is also a big party going on that's important to enjoy as well! So he had us taken care of and off to the reception in no time. He and his assistant were all over the place capturing every moment of the reception as well. I have only seen a preview of some photos so far but they are absolutely stunning. I am so happy that we took his suggestion to step out of the reception for just a few minutes for sunset photos of just the two of us. He was just so funny and knew exactly how to pose us and loosen us up so that we didn't look ridiculous. I would recommend booking through Classic in a heartbeat!"

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Hello couples! My name is Austin and I specialize in intimate customized wedding, event, and portrait photography. I consider my style to be traditional and classic. I want your images to be timeless. Your creativity and willingness are your only boundaries! I am always excited to meet new people and hear about their journey that not only brought them together, but what makes them who they are! Contact me for additional details on how we can make your day even more special!