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Killyan R.

06/01/2018 | ME

"We had Noel and Melissa as our photographers and they were absolutely amazing! They knew exactly what they were doing and made us feel so comfortable at all times. Even our guests commented on how awesome they were! Our videographer was amazing as well, I (the bride) barely knew she was there most of the time! We could not have asked for better people to capture our special day."

Whitney S.

06/09/2018 | ME

"Noel & Melissa were amazing! They helped a lot with making things go smoothly :)"

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Melissa (my wife) and I have been photographing weddings together as a team for many years now. We truly love what we do and capturing a unique vision of your wedding day.
We wear a big smile and speak with a clean wit. We have fun and it helps to relax, allowing us to capture a natural happiness in your eyes. A common statement with all we have worked with has been, “wow, that was really fun!”