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Rachel A.

12/21/2017 | CA

"I loved booking with Classic. It was very easy and we quickly figured out a package that worked for us. they were super responsive and I loved that I was able to chat online with an agent, since I live outside of the US and we were getting married in California. On the day, I loved our main photographer Tanja and thought she did an amazing job! She was on it and you could tell she was passionate about photography and did everything in her power to make us look good. Our second photographer was just kinda there and was not as good, and obviously not as experienced. She didn't know how to pose the groom or groomsmen she was in charge of. The only other thing is that the quality of the photos is not the greatest, so we cannot print them very large. That is my only disappointment. But the photos were ready as soon as we were back from our honeymoon. That turn around was impressive! And I have some amazing photos!"

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Wedding photo of Bryttany Reann

Wedding photo of Debbie Young

Wedding photo of Bryttany Reann


I started to get into Photography when I was about 17 in Germany. I settled in San Francisco in 1989 and became a tattooartist. Photography had been a medium during that time for painting, but I was getting more into photography and since the last 5 years have fully submerged myself into wedding photography. I love wedding photography because it covers all my creative needs such as portraits, detail shots (still-life) and photojournalism. Having been a tattoo-artist and owned a shop. In my tattoo-career I tattooed Adele and Aimee Mann. I love working with people and also understand the importance of being there for my clients and giving comfort, being on time (early) and delivering a creative and classic memory of a wedding.