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Customer Reviews

Emily T.

01/19/2018 | CA

"Classic Photographers was wonderful! We worked with Michelle I. (Michelle Darlene Photography) and she was AMAZING. She was so personable and made the day so memorable for us. The staff at Classic was also accessible and I was impressed with how quickly and beautifully our photos were edited!"

Emily A.

03/17/2018 | CA

"I'm so glad I found Classic Photographers! Our photographer Michelle and 2nd shooter Camille were AMAZING! It was awesome that we could look at there portfolios beforehand and pick someone who matched what we were looking for. And with all the deals they have? It was a no brainer. Classic and the photographers were very communicative leading up to the day and were prompt, professional, and super fun on the wedding day. We had also gotten a videographer, Victor Salazar, through our package and he was also awesome. The best part? We got our wedding photos back in LESS THAN A WEEK. Totally unheard of! They are absolutely gorgeous and I know we will cherish them forever. Thank you to Classic, Michelle, Camille, and Victor for capturing our perfect day!"

PaoChee Y.

03/10/2018 | CA

"booked with Classic Photographers about 11 months in advanced before my wedding. They were the only vendor to accommodate all my photography needs that was within my budget (two photographers, 10hr, photo book, engagement shoot, etc for $2300). I selected my first photographer and was told she would contacted me by August, but August came by and I didn’t hear anything. I got a bit concerned so I went on their website and started a chat with one of their support team (Danielle) and I waited 5-10 mins and I didn’t get any response. At this point I was already very upset so I emailed Classic Photographers. I got an response and Danielle responded apologizing she had forgotten to turn off her chat while she was away. She was really apologetic and offered to help. I explained to her my photographer situation and requested to select a new one because I didn’t want to be left with a photographer who didn’t know how to communicate with me before the wedding and to think if she would be like that on my wedding day. Although I didn’t get my first pick (Manya K), I am glad she didn’t respond to me because my second pick photographer, Michelle I was AMAZINGGGGG. A blessing in disguise I suppose. After I made my selection, Danielle quickly informed Michelle and Michelle emailed me right away. I mean, talk about great customer service. Michelle was super excited and that just made me even more excited. She was very communicative and when we met for the first time for our engagement shoot, she made my husband (fiancé at the time) and I very comfortable. She was fun, cheerful, positive! She would follow up with me couple weeks/days before the wedding to make sure she had a game plan. The day of the wedding, she brought along with her our second photographer, Maggie Chiang. Both were awesome! They were already given a list of photograph shots I wanted and they got straight to work. Because it was raining/sprinkling that morning of my wedding while we did a first-look and family photos, we didn’t get the luxury of taking our time to take multiple pictures. Despite the weather, Michelle and Maggie were awesome sports and did our shots in the rain (pretty amazing if you think about it). Michelle stuck to my sheet of wanted photos and quickly organized the groups so my family wouldn’t have to be stuck in the rain. If there was one thing I can change, it would’ve been the rain that morning because I felt like my husband and I didn’t get to take as many photos. Overall, I loved how my photographs turned out. Classic Photographers was really quick to giving me my wedding photos. Took exactly two weeks!! Would I choose them again? DEFINITELY! Thanks again to Danielle, Michelle I & Maggie Chiang!"

Rory A.

06/02/2018 | CA

"Our LA-based photographer, Michelle, was amazing. Even after losing her voice she was able to capture beautiful moments. The ability to pay in installments was convenient. There were many photographers available to choose from. Company very responsive. Occasionally, I would get error messages that payment was missed - even when a payment was made but the online system would correct itself. Digital copies available very quickly after the wedding :)"


I'm a true believer of living life to its fullest with experiences and to capture those experiences in its best light. This is what I hold most valuable in my own life and being able to give that to others gives me joy in every moment of it. Moments are unique and I use my vision and creativity to turn them into a photographic piece of art which they can look back and see that pristine moment. I hope to capture your emotions and relationship in a way that brings you back to that experience.