Matthew L


Hello, First of all congratulations! It's an exciting time to handle all things wedding related and I am here with all my experience and grounded and insightful personality to be of any help I can! My name is Matthew and I started my photography career 6 years ago in Denver, CO. I handled many weddings directly for an owner/friend of mine who ran event venue. Due to health issues she could no longer continue and when myself and another photographer stepped in to continue on with the photography aspect of the venue we never looked back. Eventually I took full ownership and continued guiding and photographing the weddings of lovely couples up until I moved back to the Tri-State area. I have had the privilege to be a part of hundreds of weddings and lots of different freelance projects including charity events, sporting events, and portrait sessions. I can't think of anything else I rather do! I am very grounded, accommodating, with a fun loving spirit. I'll enjoy shooting your wedding as much as you'll enjoy getting married so lets get together, have some fun and let me show you how gracious it looks through a different point of view.