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Hello, my name is Craig, I'm from England and I now live in Vermont, U.S.A with my beautiful wife.

I have 10 Years experience as a photographer, I cut my teeth in live television, a hectic job where i was taught to plan ahead for all situations and learned to adapt on the fly.

I have toured the US with the Smashing Pumpkins, interviewed people like Cypress Hill, Ian Mckellen and Nicolas Cage.

I have shot many Weddings both in England and the US, including some street photography of Royal Wedding for Vanity Fair.

I typically shoot with my wife, daughter of a British guild photographer. I also have two years experience shooting Indian Weddings.

I am easy going and put people at ease. On your special day, it's all about you and capturing your magic moments!

If your looking for someone with experience who will get on it with it, no fuss, I would love to hear from you!