Renata M


Renata has over 11 years of professional wedding photography experience. Having always been drawn to light and color, she prides herself on being able to capture ‘the decisive moment’. She is always seeking out or creating the best possible lighting, and works with a wide variety of professional lenses in order to provide diverse perspectives at the shoot. Her extensive Social Events experience gives her a keen sense of anticipation and understanding of how the day will flow. She brings positive energy that will engage with and delight your guests or vendors.rnrnRenata has photographed in destinations as distant as Israel, Spain, Mexico, Italy, and Brazil for artists such as BB King, Avishai Cohen, Justin Rusty Truck, & Joss Stone. Now Austin is her home and one of her great loves, “providing [her] the best natural studio in the world.”rnrnRenata is excited to bring her experience, passion and company to the central Texas market.