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Monica M.

02/08/2018 |

"Working with classic photographers was awesome. They are super responsive and easy to work with. They give you a timeline for everything, and you get to choose who you want to shoot your wedding. I looked into the photographers, and am insanely happy that Orhe was the one I went with. Only thing i am not 100% happy with is, that i wouldve like a picture of the groom seeing the bride for the first time. Other than that i absolutely loved it!!!! Thank you Orhe and thank you Classic Photographers."

Additional Work

Wedding photo of Sherri Green


Getting her start in a high school darkroom, the shutterbug has remained with Orhe Onomake ever since. Since the age of 17, Onomake has been shooting in a professional capacity. She has taken her shutter fever to multiple countries such as Russia, Nigeria, as well as several others. She has also delved into various cultures as she has developed an eye that is uniquely hers. Onomake has used her eclectic view to create stunning images that capture the heart and inspire the mind.