Michalea A

I've always loved taking pictures of sunsets. Thinking back, I can track my love for photography to when I was just a teenager. My teacher, Mr. Hurst, first noticed my passion back in high school. He pushed me to pursue my love for photography, and for that, I owe him. Because of this, my love for taking pictures of sunsets grew into a passion I decided to turn into a career. I have since broadened my horizon; I do not just take pictures of sunsets anymore. Some of my work includes landscape, portrait, and event photography, such as weddings, auctions, and movie premiers. With my experience I have developed diversity, in my style and types of photography. I believe in RAW beauty ( a little photography humor.) MY dream is to travel the world and make a difference with my photography. I want to document this amazing thing we call life, and I want to help you capture the most precious moments of yours. With that said, lets shoot!

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