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Becca W.

01/06/2017 | FL

"At first I was nervous to book with Classic because I didn't know anyone who had used them before. They calmed my nerves by reaching out to me and being available to chat and answer my questions. I also really loved our photographers, Alan D. and Troy. Both were very friendly and flexible. They did an excellent job capturing our special moments--planned and unplanned. We were missing some of our photos in the first album they released, but we called and got the issue resolved quickly. Overall, they were available anytime and very helpful. Glad I went with them."

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Wedding photo of Nathalie Garcia


Alan is a professional photographer who has captured dozens of events including proposals, engagement sessions, and weddings. His background in cinematography and visual effects shows in his composition and passion as a photographer. He is seasoned in portrait photography, capturing the moment, and making smiles.